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Town life has enabled us to achieve what would otherwise be impossible in an organization of limited staff and resources. We migrated from plain and cumbersome hand coded web sites, dinosaurs of the last century, to fully featured, easily managed and interactive web sites. They provide an excellent content management system for organizing and customizing your website which has been easy to learn and teach others to use. The staff at Town Life has been helpful and prompt in responding to any concern. Town Life is well adapted to working with rural library systems and provides a cost effective product and excellent service. There have been many failed projects over the years which have tried to deliver attractive, content rich, and easily manageable websites to our system's libraries. Town Life has provided the ingredients and the tools to help us succeed and prosper for years to come.

James MacDonald
Manager, Information Technologies
(800) 561-0387
James MacDonald | email
Feb 24 2009, 09:50 AM
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