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7.2. Page Header


The page header on TownLife is defined as the top portion of your website and represents the maximum width of the layout you have choose. If your design is 960 pixels wide then the header (and footer) would also be this same width.

Header Default Options


By going to Settings -> Design Look'n Feel -> and clicking the Header tab you can modify the default header information. The Site Header box allows you to insert any HTML/image/text that you desire, and this will appear as the default content at the top of your website. If you would like a different default header for the inner pages (non-home pages) then select the checkbox "Use Interior Header" and you will be given a new option.

This is commonly used for a large, oversized header on the home page (default header), then a narrower image for the interior pages (interior header).

Overriding Header Defaults

Every webpage that exists (not modules) has the option to overwrite the default header. When you click EDIT PAGE multiple tabs will appear, if you click the HEADER tab this will provide you with the option to insert a custom header for this specific webpage. This is a great design option for that custom webpage that just wants to be different from the others!

Header vs Banner

While the header (and footer) represent the full width of your website, the banner is only as wide as the content (where your typed information goes).

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