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4.5. Add Business to Directory

Adding an Organization to your Directory

  1. Manually
    • Can be done by logging into your website, clicking ADD -> then the DIRECTORY LISTING option. Simply fill in the blanks with as much information as you have available, the required fields are marked with a * character.
  2. From TownLife
    • Is the same as the manual method above, but instead of filling in the blanks you can click the OTHER BUSINESSES tab. This will list the entire TownLife directory and allow you to add these to your website directory.
  3. From Visitors
    • Under Settings - Technical Setup you have the option to allow anonymous visitors to submit and or edit listings in your directory. This gives you the powerful option to maintain your listings with credible user feedback. NO changes will appear on your website until you APPROVE these submitted requests.

Shared Listings

Each business added becomes a member on the TownLife.com portal business directory to help promote your members, and links directly to your website. This makes the TownLife directory the master, while each website each maintains and displays the listings they feel are valuable to them.

Please note, since your changes do affect the master TownLife directory and possibly other websites you are responsible for any and all changes from your website (either manually or if you approve user changes). Just make sure that you are keeping the actuall business/organizations best interests' in mind and everyone will benefit from the collaborative business directory updates!

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