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3.8. Paypal Integration

Shopping Carts

Integration of a total e-commerce is a major project and should only be undertaken if your business has a process to handle this. If you have 50+ products then you will need to look at a full e-commerce integration (like ECWID).

What is Paypal?

Paypal 101: How PayPal Works

Paypal is very trusted online bank. You can send invoices, collect payments, and initiate billing with this service. The great thing is that people can pay you via paypal using their credit card and they do NOT need to create an account. The only time an account is required is when you are receiving funds. As with most banking services they charge you a percentage for each transaction depending on the type of account you have setup.

Paypal integration options include adding a BUY NOW button, integration a simple shopping cart, even collecting reoccuring funds.

Applicable Use Cases

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