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2.1. Storing Searchable Municipal PDF Minutes

Power of Search

In TownLife we are very happy to include a universal search. This allows users to type a term and have results returned from webpages, photos, modules, and even inside PDF documents.

For this search to be able to index the PDF documents tey must be converted straight from word (.doc) files into PDF.  If the document is printed out.. signed and then scanned back it can still be saved as a PDF document but to the computer it is just like a photograph.  Essentially the letters and words become unsearchable.

PDF with No Signatures

As an industry example of how the signatures are not included I invite you to see
a) the Alberta Legislature http://www.assembly.ab.ca/net/index.aspx?p=han&section=doc with a sample PDF http://www.assembly.ab.ca/ISYS/LADDAR_files%5Cdocs%5Chansards%5Chan%5Clegislature_28%5Csession_3%5C20141210_1930_01_han.pdf
b) the City of Edmonton http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/urban_planning_and_design/edc-minutes-and-agendas.aspx with sample PDF

You will see with both of these examples I can search the text.

But when we look at minutes with handwriting stored with them this powerful feature is disabled because it was not saved directly as a searchable PDF.

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