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5.1. Goals of a Good Website


The true test of a website is if it accomplishes these goals:

Good website design is subjective and depends on what appeals to the target market you are trying to attract. Start by determining why you have a website in the first place. Most businesses should have an online presence...

Start by creating a plan that describes what you want your website to accomplish.

When planning your website keep your target audience in mind. A visitor should have a clearunderstanding of the experience you are offering within the first 20 seconds of visiting your site. Most people never get past the first page of a website; so first impressions are critical.

Everything on your website should help them make the decision to select your business for their trip. It's important that information on the site is information that's of interest to your target audience.

When you're creating your plan, think about navigation and usability. Navigation refers to the way a website visitor moves around a website. Navigation is one of the biggest challenges websites are faced with. The issues are:

Usability refers to the way people use your website. Can the content be easily read? Effective use of colors, graphics and layout can help improve usability but the key is to build your website so that it does what people expect it to do. Slow download times, overwhelming design, and over use of colors can frustrate people and potentially cause them to leave your website.

Content is one of the most important elements of your website. Content goes beyond the words on the site, but also includes: images, graphics, tables, fonts, and font size. Regardless of keywords, search engine results, advertising, navigation, etc. if your site does not have high quality content that is written and displayed well, visitors will not stay on the site nor will they return to it.

Here are some suggestions on how to write effective content for your website:

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