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2.3. Using the Administration Menu

Administration Menu

While you are logged in and managing your website you will find the Adminitration Menu along the top.


    • This is where you start when you first login, the dashboard is where the system gives you updates on any pressing requests you need to answer (for example moderating portions of your website).

    • If you wish to create something NEW, this is the command you will want to use.
  3. EDIT

    • If you wish to modify something that already exists on your website, this can be found in the edit portion of the administration pages.
  4. FILES

    • Any files that do not specifically fit within a module (for example word documents go in your document library, pictures go into the photo gallery etc...) can be found in this section.
    • This is best thought of as a miscellaneous file listing.  Template images, movies etc can be stored here.

    • If you wish to modify the settings of your site, such as colour, the action steps etc then you would want to check out the settings here.
    • Once your site is setup this should rarely need updating.
  6. VIEW

    • To allow you to view your website easily and quickly from any screen, just click this command.
  7. HELP?

    • If you require any assitance this links you to this helpdesk, where you can search for more information or submit a support ticket directly to our staff.
  8. LOG OFF

    • Once you have completed your website updates and changes, we recommend you log out of your site using this command.


While you are logged in as the administrator, and viewing your website you will also see a toolbar in the page body (see red arrow below).


This toolbar gives you options that are directly available to the content you are viewing.  For example if you are looking at the calendar you can create an event quickly using this toolbar, if you are viewing a page you can create a new page, etc...

TIP: The toolbar is a context relative shortcut for your commands.

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