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2.2. Webmail Crashing / Errors

If you are having errors with the webmail interface, the vast majority can be resolved quickly with the following steps:

  1. Delete temporary internet files (cache) and cookies
    (You'll find instructions in the related pages section below)
  2. Restart your computer

Failing those steps, please let me know the following:

-which url are you logging in at?
-which web browser and version?
-do you have any browser plugins or addons (google toolbar, etc.)?
-which operating system and version?
-do you notice any error messages or other behaviour when you try to login?

Note: Internet Explorer 6 is famous for becoming very buggy.  As an alternative solution to all this technical troubleshooting, may we suggest just downloading www.firefox.com it is free and far superior to the current Microsoft products.  It even includes a built-in spell checking component.  This will not remove any software on your computer, just give you a much more stable alternative.

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