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5.1. Microsoft Outlook 2007 Tutorials

Lesson 1: Getting Up to Speed on Outlook 2007

Where to find the commands you use most often. How to use new features such as the To-Do Bar and the new calendar navigation



Lesson 2: Getting out of your Inbox

Tips for finding and organizing the e-mail that's already in your Inbox



Lesson 3: Creating an Email Signature

Give your e-mail messages professional polish or personal pizzazz by learning how to create and manage e-mail signatures in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.



Lesson 4: Calendar I: Outlook Calendar Basics

Calendar basics such as entering items and setting reminders.



Lesson 5: Calendar II: Outlook See and use Multiple Calendars

Track multiple schedules at once.



Lesson 6: Out of Office

Out of Office with Office Outlook 2007


Lesson 7: Search with Office Outlook 2007

Integrated, powerful searching functionality now available


Lesson 8: Voting and Creating a Poll

How to automatically tally the votes of your office co-workers.




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