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9.4. Making Text Important - Using the Headings


In the page editor, when you are modifying web page content there is a pull down menu with 6 heading choices.

Changing Text Colours and Styles

Each of these headings has their own specific look and feel.  So that if you wish to make a certain heading blue on your website just choose one of the headings to represent that specific type of information and consistently apply the same heading tag to that information throughout your website.  For our example we will use heading H5.

Once you have applied all the H5 tags to your website content, go to SETTINGS - LOOK'n FEEL and in the custom css section you just add the line:

#PageContent h6,#PageContent h6 a{color:blue !important; font-weight: normal;font-size: 1em;}

Now your website is consistently formatted and search engine optimized, since robots can now see what is important (h1 is more important then h6).  Another perk is if you wish to change this formatting, changing the CSS makes immediate and site wide changes promptly.

For more information on CSS context please visit w3schools.com

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