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2.3. People Can't Email Me - Bounce Backs (Rejected by Server)

Why can't your friends email you?

If your friends are telling you that they can not email you then these are the possible problems:

  1. Your Mailbox is Full - if your mailbox becomes full then you will be unable to receive new email messages, log into https://webmail.townlife.com and ensure you still have space.
  2. Sender is thought to be a Spamer - if the sender is using an internet service provider that regularly spams people on the internet then that server become black listed.  Regardless if the sender is a lawyer or a friend, the only solution is that they contact their provider and have this remedied on their side (since their provider is blacklisted).

How to stop emails/friends from being blocking?

Sender Receives: "Rejected by Server"
  1. Notify Them: Let the sender know the provider they are using may be using an email server that is blacklisted, then can check by visiting http://www.mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
  2. Add them to your individual Safe/White List: You can always add the domain or their email address to your white list/safelist and this will let them through to your mailbox.  Log into webmail.townlife.com and click settings (see image below).

What level of service is provided with your email provider (TownLife)?

The email provider used for all TownLife email accounts processed over 2 billion messages in June 2009 alone and blocks over 30 million spam message every day.

TownLife Email is a carrier grade email hosting service focused on high standards of abuse prevention, detection, and response.  We use multiple third-party blacklists to block spam at our network edge. If you are having mail delivery issues with rejection notices please visit a service like MX Toolbox for more details.

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