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1.1. TownLife Stages of Development

Congratulations, so you would like to join TownLife - these are general steps we need to accomplish to get you onboard! (bold text refers to customer responsibilities).

  1. Project Initiation

    • Determine project understanding, objectives and budget, create contract.
    • Sign a Contract, every customer must agree with our terms of service and other terms of use.  This is provided by your associate in our sales department (sales@townlife.com)
    • Once we have received your signed contract via fax or mail (and every page is initialed) we can then generate an invoice for your projection initiation.
    • Website development begins on our side once we receive your invoice payment.
  2. Planning

    • Submit all access information necessary to transfer website, unless site is new.
    • Site audit of old website.
    • Site architecture initiated.
  3. Design

    • Creative Concepts/Mockups created (only for larger projects).
    • Approval of Concept provived by our customer.
      • As a side note feedback is wonderful, but it's well-known that "design by committee" is a sure-fire way to get mediocre design.
  4. Production

    • Site constructed.
    • Content added to new website.
  5. Testing

    • Website tested for browser compatibility.
    • Review of beta website using hidden URL.
    • Final modifications made to draft website.
  6. Launch

    • Project given the go by our customer.
    • Training provided.
    • Email accounts go live.

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