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5.1. Website Hosting vs TownLife

Web Site Hosting

When you pay for website hosting that is all you receive. Hosting is an expensive decision to park your website and watch it dereriorate. Hosting only provides electricity and a storage location for your website.  When you realize that the internet is constantly changing it becomes obvious that your internet services needs to be actively changing simply to keep up. Some ongoing Internet changes that affect your website include updates to HTML, CSS (cascading design styles), website browsers, mobile devices, security concerns etc.. When a decision is made to only host a website it becomes clear that there is no funding and no plan to improve the website foundation over time.

At TownLife we know you need much more than just hosting, you need to be investing in a software development company that is EVOLVING (just like the Internet) and IMPROVING (just like your Municipality).


Advantages of the TownLife Solution

Our customized Content Management System (CMS) is called TownLife and our solution provides all the aspects you need to be SUCCESSFUL online!

The list continues to include stability, trusted, and reliable results for an evolving software solution you can trust, TownLife.

There will always be free email accounts or cheap website hosting - be forewarned you get what you pay for.


"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

Warren Buffett 1930, American Investment Entrepreneur


What about Wordpress or a Standard Hosted Website?

Can you afford what Wordpress/hosted website will cost you:

For More information please see:


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