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4.3. Firefox Loading Files Badly

Downloading Files Failing in Your Web Broswer (Firefox or Internet Explorer)?


While putting up a new Excel file today, I noticed an issue with Firefox. When I go to open the file, it opens a new tab and displays a bunch of garbage. In IE, it opens up in a new window and then asks to save or open (as it should). Know anything about this?


This is a browser issue.. basically could be any browser.. that happens when the browser doesn't know how to handle file extension that is opened. Basically in this example your firefox doesn't have the excel plugin installed. Often this happens with PDF's and then the solution is to install the latest Adobe reader.

Usually if you browser doesn't know what to do with the file it will just dump it as a file to your downloads directory.

Check http://kb.mozillazine.org/File_types_and_download_actions for more information.


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