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2.5. Error 500

Receiving Error 500 in your browser?

Here is some more information to try in response and to help troubleshoot this problem:

The 500 error is generic and very non-descriptive and typically means:

Syntax error, command unrecognized

There are a couple of things here we can try:

1) Have users make sure that compatibility mode is enabled for IE
2) Have the users try our Beta login and see if that helps things https://webmail.townlife.com/beta
3) Have users try to replicate the problem in another browser like FireFox

Lastly you could have the clients run these command prompt diagnostics and send us the results to

ping imap.emailsrvr.com -l 1400 -n 100
tracert imap.emailsrvr.com


Let us know your results via support@townlife.com!

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